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For 30 years, Wiener S.A. Vienna Insurance Group has been insuring Customers within the area of general insurances. The company was operating under the name Gothaer TU SA. till march 2019, when it joined the Vienna Insurance Group international concern, a leading insurance company in Central and Eastern Europe, Wiener insures more than 68 thousand individual Customers and almost 60 thousand companies. The
Company capital amounts to 110 382 tys. zł, and the capital adequacy ratio for 2018 – 163%.

The lack of an appropriate system allowing to collect receivables from customers and agents, with whom the company has cooperated.
Complex business consulting (organisation, communication, charging and IT). The scope of the works:
  • The analysis of the current business model of the company
  • Developing a map of the existing process with the inclusion of organisational units participating in its every step:
  • identifying the phases of the occurrence of business events along with information on locations and causes of the appearance of identified irregularities, weak points, and irregularities occurring regarding the phase, the category, the character (primary or secondary) causes and sources of the appearance of issues, consequences and severity of the issues (essential, primary, secondary).
  •  Recommendations on the optimal business model, and recommendations regarding the target organisational units of the structure, participating in particular phases of the business process, including the indication of target organisational units for these phases, solutions, as well as, recommended changes in the existing business model, aiming at its optimisation.
  • Preparation of a set of ready recommendations, allowing to implement and launch a programme aiming at solving the problem of unsettled receivables.
  • The improvement of the receivables management system.

Success Stories

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Providing assets, creating application within the established timeframe

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Asseco Poland, The Polish Social Insurance Institution (ZUS)

Providing a 6-person development team – working in a remote model. Following the verification of work organisation, establishing project backlog

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