Why Ultiro?

How can Scandinavian businesses benefit from our services?

Whitelane Research in 2019 claims that the rate of IT outsourcing from the Nordics to other countries is also expanding with 72% of organisations considering this option with the goal of reducing costs, accessing a wider talent pool and focusing on core business objectives in the next two years. 

We provide faster and affordable solutions compared to our competitors. We offer startups and small companies first-class IT service with half the market price and a 30-40% faster developing tempo. With a much lower cost and more efficient solution, you could bring your business to a higher level.

The Nordics are experiencing a serious tech talent shortage, with Sweden showing showing some of the highest market stress levels in recent years. According to Hays Global Index Report 2016 and TIVIA report, the Nordic economies are experiencing a serious skills shortage, particularly in the IT sector, e.g. by 2030 Denmark will need 19,000 IT professionals and Finland, by 2020, will need 15,000 additional ones.

Because of our unique position, we are at the intersection between Scandinavian and African tech ecosystems. We provide competitive pricing solutions and knowledge transfer between Scandinavian and African innovation.

We also provide unique insights into African cultural perspectives, opportunities and labour market insights and regulations, which any business would need when considering extending business operations into Africa.


Through our extensive networks and subsidiaries across Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, and Ghana we provide our clients with access to a wide talent pool of UX-designers, SW Engineers and Data Scientists with skills ranging from Mobility, AI, ML & Blockchain, Web and Full-stack, E-commerce and CMS.

Our company aims to become a lucrative business as well as an Impact Sourcing Service Provider (ISSP). As we achieve our organisational growth objectives, we also fulfil company corporate social responsibility objectives and give back to local communities in terms of employment, training, access to healthcare and workplace diversity.

Our business sources highly skilled IT talent from our partners in Kenya and Uganda:

The official partners for these hubs are:

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