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Ultiro joins forces with Eversoft and plans to deliver 200 Software Engineers to the Swedish market

Stockholm-based software development company, Ultiro, has joined forces with Polish software development firm, Eversoft, to significantly enhance its offerings for fintech, insurtech and innovation-driven startups.

The partnership is an important part of the growth plans of both Ultiro and Eversoft, who are both witnessing increased appetite for development services across the Scandinavian region. According to the report produced by Swedish IT&Telecom Industries, Sweden is expected to have 70,000 unfilled roles in the tech sector by 2024.

Ultiro is going to provide 200 new software engineers to the market, which will assist Swedish companies in the implementation and continuation of their software projects. Access to resources, subcontractors, but above all to reliable and local technology partners, resilience to supply chain breakage is key to gaining a competitive advantage in the market. In the context of a rapidly changing business environment, near-shore, EU-located partners are a smart move to reduce risk.

For more than six years, Ultiro has been helping Scandinavian businesses and organisations to create innovative digital solutions by working with diverse tech talents. Eversoft is a Polish software development as a service (SDaaS) partner employing over 100+ software engineers focusing on delivering long-lasting, maintenance-oriented, and thus sustainable tech solutions . 

This new strategic partnership will allow Ultiro to expand its pool of IT talent and strengthen its ability to provide cutting-edge solutions to its clients. Eversoft, a leading provider of software development as a service (SDaaS), brings a wide range of skills and technologies to the table.


“What lets us stand out above the competition in the eyes of customers is our unrivalled understanding of opportunities created by modern technologies. I believe the key to success is our ability to bridge business goals and needs with our solid understanding of technologies’ possibilities and limitations. We are not only a provider of the resources needed to develop technology solutions, but more importantly a partner who does not need to spend time implementing into the client’s industry. Our business-first approach guarantees that their goals drive software architecture, technologies’ choices and all aspects of the project. Because these solutions solve real-world challenges, user adoption rates are high – which is why our clients rely on us as a stable, trusted partner. ”

 – says Nicklas Mellqvist, CTO of Ultiro.

“Ultiro joining Eversoft Group is a big step towards building large-scale teams of IT specialists with diverse tech expertise. Working alongside Eversoft, we are able to deliver projects faster and meet even the most sophisticated tech requirements. I truly believe that our joint, diverse teams will be quicker at spotting gaps in the market and building better solutions with their unique experiences and consumer knowledge. During each sprint our team uses their experience, skills, knowledge, and processes that perfectly balance creativity with mature, industry best practices, ensuring everything we do is tailored exactly to our customers’ needs.” 

 says CEO of Eversoft, Jerzy Drojecki.