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The Future of Fintech Adoption: Risks and Rewards

From crowdfunding, crypto-assets and stock-trading apps, Fintech is now a pillar in the innovation economy. Skyrocketing private venture capital and the share of investments into it has moved it from its back-office support function and into the limelight.
Super-apps, such as WeChat with 1 billion active users, including embedded financial services, and e-payment systems, such as East African M-Pesa, has undermined our traditional view of finance and Western-regulated jurisdic -tions. The expansion of capital access has given opportunities to sectors of the economy and to disadvantaged groups, such as small business owners and minorities, that weren’t easily accessible to them before.

Overview. What’s inside the guide:

  • Current State of Fintech Adoption by Enterprise Businesses
  • Fintech Trends
  • Why Invest in Fintech Innovation?
  • Winning Use Cases and the Sources of Value for Business
  • The Risks of Fintech Adoption and Projects
  • How to Build the Right Fintech Innovation Process
  • Future Predictions

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