Past Projects

We have developed software for the largest companies and for the largest public institutions in this part of Europe. A selection of our previous Software Development projects can be found below.


By combining real time data services with audio voice functions Sprintcrowd is able to provide an entirely new…


Investure is building a Funding Platform to support the flow of private and catalytic capital into development and impact projects. 


Magna provides its users with a solution that connects and collects all information from real estate control systems, which processes a large number of data on a daily basis.


Learnio provides cutting-edge digital learning programs and personal mentoring support to …..


Coderstrust provides its users with a system where they can very easily upload the content for a presentation, in any format which can be sorted and arranged…….

Inclusive Business Sweden

Inclusive Business Sweden works with the private sector to scale innovative and inclusive business models in developing markets.


Preparation of a set of ready recommendations, allowing to implement and launch a programme aiming at solving…

Asseco Poland, The Polish Social Insurance Institution (ZUS)

Providing a 6-person development team – working in a remote model. Following the verification of work organisation, establishing project backlog


Providing assets, creating application within the established timeframe

Finance Management System maintenance and development for Samsung

Eversoft continues a development work for Samsung….

Development of a Conference Room Booking System for Samsung

Eversoft has completed programming work for Samsung….

The Polish Social Insurance Institution

Eversoft provided a 6-person development team – working in a remote model…

Construction Management Team (cmT)

Eversoft provided a complete team dedicated to project execution, which conducted an analysis of….

Outsourcing services for Nationale-Nederlanden companies

Eversoft provides outsourcing services for companies belonging to the Nationale-Nederlanden group…

Software maintenance and development for General Inspectorate of Road Transport

Eversoft has completed several projects related to the development of applications supporting the business processes of the Chief Inspectorate of Road Transport.

Analitics project for British company CarCliq

Eversoft participated in the implementation of the project for the British company CarCliq…


The initiative #Klimatbytet wants to focus on the SEK 1,900 billion that is in our premium pension system (ppm funds) and ensure that that money is used in the most climate-smart way possible.

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