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How to Ensure a Healthy Pipeline of Promising Candidates in My Development Team?

Finding qualified and ambitious IT personnel for your team can be like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Our free e-book provides a comprehensive guide to talent pipeline development for your  organization. Keep reading to learn how you can fill your talent pool with high-quality candidates using this strategy!

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Table of contents:

1. Introduction

2. Referral Programs

  1. What Is A Referral Program
  2. Types of Company Referral Bonuses
  3. How to Promote a Referral Program

3. Importance of Employer Branding in Recruitment

  1. Publish Targeted Content by Tech Leaders
  2. Launch a Dedicated Careers Page
  3. Share Employee Stories
  4. Share User-Generated Content

4. Tailor HR Activities for IT Requirements

  1. Mention Job Details in Emails
  2. Value Skills over Experience
  3. Tailor Job Ads for IT Professionals
  4. Search for Candidates on Online Portals
  5. Simplify Company Information and Overview
  6. Don’t Go Overboard With Qualifications

5. Outsourcing Recruitment

  1. RPOs vs. Traditional Staffing Agencies
  2. Top Benefits of Outsourcing Recruitment to ROPs
  3. What You Should Look For In a Recruitment Outsourcing Partner (RPO)
  4. Consider Body Leasing (Employee Leasing)

6. Conclusion

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