Business Challenge:

Investure wants to execute a market test with a minimum viable product that can onboard users onto a publicly available app and allow them to buy a range of financial instruments through a broker/bank in Kenya. The broker/bank in turn will be able to use a web portal to interact with the service.
The MVP will be carried out without regulatory licensing and can work without a fully automated backend in order to launch a lean and quick to market product that can provide market feedback ahead of future investment/development.
Financial regulatory compliance will be covered by the broker/bank in Kenya and Investure will only be an intermediary party that help facilitate the interaction between the user and the broker/bank. All software artefacts that are developed for the MVP should be built in such a way that they can be further developed and used in future versions. A microservices architecture should be used to ensure that any component can be repurposed and/or exchanged.

Our solution:

The key feature of the solution is to build a system according to the following requirements:


Financial products to be covered by the MVP: Deposits, Stocks, Funds, Bonds

  • Download the App
  • Register User Profile
  • Open an Account
  • Fund the Account
  • Make an Investment
  • Trading
  • Selecting an Investment
  • Portfolio
  • Statistics and Reports
  • Cashing Out
  • Collection Accounts
  • Custody/Administrator Account
  • Creating an Investment
  • Confirming an Investment
  • Maturity of an Investment
  • Redeeming an Investment


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