Business Challenge:

Our client wanted to provide its user with a system where they can very easily upload the content for a presentation, in any format which can be sorted and arranged by the user under various menus, categories, and sub-categories, and the end result will be presentations that can be shared with anyone and accessed anywhere from the world using a cloud infrastructure.

Our solution:

Ultiro provided Coder’s Tust with skilled software developers, to help build a cloud-based presentation tool that allows the user to store highly visual presentations to engage viewers by communicating through different ways of viewing and accessing the content. Information is shown through the form of a slide show. It is developed to be an interactive meeting- and presentation system to simplify meetings. The product is developed in a way that helps the user to categorize the content and structure it into sub-categories, which reduces the time spent until today on gethering and searchin gofr material to present it to the audience.

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