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Revolutionizing Risk Management: The Power of Insurtech for CEOs and CTOs

The last few years were challenging for every industry, however insurance was able to overcome these obstacles and kept on growing. Most likely, 2023 will be filled with just as many challenges as previous years, however we believe that with the right investments and adequate planning insurers can endure and even attain a better position than they might hold currently.

Keep on reading if you’d like to get an insight into our predictions for IT trends in insurance for 2023!

New Year New Role

Ultiro announces today that Mikael Wällstedt has assumed the role of Chief Revenue Officer. Mikael will lead the company’s sales, as well as take responsibility for increasing revenues from Ultiro’s offer of development partnerships to Nordic Insurtech, Fintech, Energytech and Proptech companies.

Hiring a dedicated team

The world has been impacted by the global pandemic and companies have been forced to operate remotely or adapt their systems to accommodate outsourced solutions.

The Swedish Market For IT Services

Sweden is the birthplace of many well-known global tech brands in various sectors that play a leading role in the world. It is an ever-growing industry with a great need for expertise.