About Ultiro

Who are we?

Ultiro is a Sweden based IT company that helps Scandinavian businesses and organizations to create innovative digital solutions working with diverse tech talent.

Our Vision

Our goal is to become the leading platform in Scandinavia and Europe to convey high-quality IT talent from Africa. Our overall vision is to both develop our own IT products and solutions and act as a tech partner to Scandinavian companies that deliver IT products to the African market. Through this we want to contribute to the development of technology and knowledge as well as social impact in Africa.


Our most valuable asset is our people. We aim to be the platform that enables a strong global business community through matching the best IT talent with the wider IT market. We are committed to acting as an accelerator for innovation and equal opportunity in the IT sector. Promoting diversity as responsible business leaders is a top priority. Our whole business model is built on integrating talent from developing countries into the global tech ecosystem. As an active member of the tech communities in Scandinavia and Africa we are passionate about driving innovation to support stakeholders and the environment in the future. Developing professional communities through a culture of equality and fair compensation allows our IT talent to perform their best while building their career.

Our values in practice

We strive to incorporate values of fairness, integrity, transparency,             quality, security and professionalism when dealing with our clients and employees. Our IT talent is paid at highly competitive rates, more than double the average in their base countries. We are an equal opportunity employer and give preference to female candidates. We offer 100% paid maternity leave to our female developers, wholly funded by us without any sort of public funding or social insurance. We offer sick leave to our developers, even those working as consultants. An ethics hotline (ethics@ultiro.se) is provided where potential ethical breaches can be reported. Promoting sustainability, health and safety is the cornerstone of creating a positive social impact with our IT talent and those in the surrounding community.

Quality management and information security

Risk management strategies, information security, and quality assurance are included in each of our processes. We set high internal standards to ensure that management and employees always act with a client-oriented approach. The strict internal compliance procedures allows us to exceed our clients’ expectations and pave the way for long-term relationships with our partners. Cost considerations are balanced well with our flexible business model to maximise quality. We provide transparent pricing and short terms of notice, while keeping both clients and employees satisfied.