Dedicated Teams

Our IT Talent Sources

Largest Talent Pools in Africa

Our development centers in Nairobi, Kenya and Kampala, Uganda allow your business to tap into Africa’s largest IT talent pools, which amount to over 500,000 IT professionals and growing. Our dedicated development team service is suitable for tech startups that are looking to build or expand their development teams but are constrained by high costs of employment, lack of the expertise, and expensive, limited office space, which are typical challenges in tech hubs cities such as Stockholm, Amsterdam and London. Our services allow you to hire a dedicated offshore team that is highly skilled and affordable.

Local network

  • All communication and project management happens here in Stockholm at our head office.
  • We customize recruitment based on individual company needs. We have agreements with the major tech hubs in Africa.

Available Talents

Recruitment system

  • We have a database of top tier developers with whom we have contractual agreements.
  • Our rigorous vetting system for potential software developer candidates uses referrals, coding tests, multiple interviews and review of past code.

Subsidiary offices

We offer high-standard technological infrastructure and office space along with competitive salaries and benefits to our software developers. We also provide project managers on site that head all operations.

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