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How We work

Our Approach

At Ultiro we work according to agile software development principles in which the focus is always upon people. For this, both users at our customers and our employees are involved in the whole development process. We strive for understanding our customer’s needs. We appreciate feedback on individual level, team level and on our products. We also strive for clean code to increase code quality.

Experience has proven that agile is the best methodology for delivering anything from a minimal viable product to a full-scale system. But we know the final decision for project methodology rests with the client and the team, so we are happy to offer Scrum or Waterfall or any other model of project realization to our clients as appropriate.

Development Stages

Project Planning, Analysis & Requirements Definition

We want to fully understand your needs before developing and implementing your project, so our first step is to analyze and document your high-level software requirements. From the moment you contact us, we will immediately note down your needs and provided we can help, will book a face-to-face meeting to better understand what you’re looking for. We will then work closely with you to help you create a detailed technical specification. 

This might require identifying your businesses’ needs, the desired characteristics and benefits of the software, and the ways in which IT supports your business aims.We will consider the advantages and disadvantages offered by the technology you’re already using. With you, we will have many discussions, run workshops, develop user stories, and document it in a Project Scope Document. We’ll consider various wireframes and plans and discuss how we can best collaborate with you before drafting the specifications and a price quote for you to review. This process ensures a project vision mutually agreed upon by you and our team.

System & Database Design, UX Design

Once we have a clear idea of your software requirements, we will produce a detailed functional specification of the system (development of system model, low-level specification, database model, UX design, etc). This includes detailed designs of all components required and includes all the technological specifications that will be required to develop your project. Tools such as Balsamiq, Visio, Adobe XD and a host of other aids help us to make sure our design parallels your goals. By project completion you will be well-versed in wireframes, functional workflows, data models and many other artifacts.

Development, Testing & Implementation

The next step is to program and rigorously test your application using industry standard development tools, automated testing, and an automated build process to ensure the highest product quality. Where appropriate, you are able to test prototypes during the software development process in order to provide any feedback you would like at key stages. In addition, we are regularly documenting the code to making it easy to understand today or years from now.

We create the application using agile methodology.  The development is broken down into several iterations; there’s a meeting before each sprint to confirm requirements, and after each, we’ll walk you through that section to get detailed feedback. Early feedback and the ability to refine and re-prioritise features, are key to both how we work and the success of our projects. As a client, you can expect software solutions which closely match both the needs of your end users and your ultimate business goals because you’ll be fully involved with the development process.


From the client perspective, the most important aspect of the whole process may be the deployment of their custom software. Once all agreed features of the application has been completed and accepted, we’ll work with you to install and configure it on the agreed hosting platform. We can also streamline your deployment process through continuous delivery.

How We Achieve Success

Dedicated team model

Ultiro is committed to a dedicated team model that provides you with full-time software professionals who are dedicated entirely to your project. Ultiro has a defined project and communication approach along with a set of tools used within the project to ensure transparency and efficiency.

Strong Project Management

To solve any project related issue that may arise in the process, a project manager or scrum master is appointed from Day 1 to work directly with the client. The project manager’s responsibilities include initial project planning, team management, project coordination, tracking, early project risks definition / elimination and act as an escalation point for the client. The project manager has sufficient technical expertise, backed up by our tech lead, making sure that the project is moving forward without sacrificing quality. All projects are ultimately coordinated under Ultiro’s CTO.

Quality Assurance

At Ultiro our dedicated Quality Assurance professionals oversee every project from start to finish, ensuring constant quality monitoring. QA experts work in close contact with, but independent from, the development team. Ultiro’s constant feedback loop and periodic retrospective meetings help us to constantly improve our methodology to meet and exceed customer expectations.


The project will have a project manager or scrum master, who is in charge of communication and the overall progress and quality of the project.

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